Is your Workplace looking after your Wellbeing?

Having the opportunity to switch off work-mode in the middle of the day with yoga or meditation increases work satisfaction and promotes team work and bonding.

Luckily many employers have now embraced a workplace wellbeing program.  Having the opportunity to switch off work-mode in the middle of the day with yoga or meditation increases work satisfaction and promotes team work and bonding. I’m not going to say that it increases productivity because that should not be the reason why we look after our physical and mental health at work and beyond.

I have different offerings available online outlined below. If your workplace hasn’t caught on yet, you may wish to pass this on as a (not so subtle) hint 🙂


Provides a general overall stretch, with some breathing practice at the start and some meditation practice  at the end. This works well where is is a diverse range of experience and will suit all levels. The sequence will be similar each week giving participants the opportunity to build on their skills and see an improvement in their strength, flexibility, mobility, awareness and general wellbeing. Suitable for all levels.



A slow flow mindful practice with a focus on the energetic body. We explore a different chakra each week. This is popular for creative industries because there’s a lot of symbolism, colour and visual imagery associated with the chakra system. It’s a more varied practice as we practice something different each week.

Suitable for all levels.



A very slow mindful practice specifically designed to target the connective fascia tissue and meridian flow in the body. A gentle yet powerful practice, Yin yoga promotes hydration and is great for stiff bodies that need more flexibility. It also encourages slowing down and develops internal meditative states.

This is suitable only in work places that have a dedicated gym or yoga space because props are required i.e bolsters, blankets, mats and blocks. Participants need wear comfortable clothing. Suitable for all levels.



A passive absorbing practice for deep relaxation. I play my crystal bowls which are very soothing and great for reducing workplace stress. This option is the most popular for workplaces because it’s easy in terms of logistics, you don’t need any equipment or special clothing. People can either sit on chairs, on the floor or laying down. It’s a complete deep relaxation with nothing for participants to ‘do’. Suitable for all levels. *Please note this option is not available online as vibrations do not translate via computers.

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